Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Checklist for Search Engine Optimized Content

From my previous post regarding Search Engine Optimized Content, I've left you hanging with how to determine if a post is balanced in its optimization. Well, I am going to describe about what makes a passage optimized for search engines first.

A Search Engine Optimized Passage

So what makes a passage optimized just enough for the Search Engines? Here's a checklist for you :

  1. Optimized Header Titles (H1 and H2 Tags)

  2. Optimized Header Titles would mean it carries the keyword that you're targetting for that passage. For example, if you were targetting "SEO Singapore" as a keyword, then you'd want to name your passage "A Good SEO Singapore Consultant". Include your LONG TAIL keyword in the title of the passage and at the same time, try to keep the number of words to a minimum. Don't go naming your passage, "The Best SEO Singapore Consultant and also in Malaysia who provides cheap SEO services" in context to the example above.

  3. Optimized Main Keyword

  4. Include your Main Keyword at least once in the first paragraph of your passage. What's your Main Keyword you ask? It is the main keyword that you're optimizing your site for. If possible try to squezee in your main keyword at least once in 3 paragraphs of your passage. Not to forget, one more at the end of the passage.

  5. Optimized Sub Main Keyword

  6. Your Sub Main Keyword is the the keyword next to the main keyword you're targetting. For example, if your main keyword is "SEO Singapore" than you'd want to target "Singapore SEO Consultant" as your Sub Main Keyword.

    Now, squezee in your sub main keyword roughly around once in every 2 passages as long as its in context.

  7. Optimized Long Tail Keyword

  8. Include your long tail keyword in EVERY paragraph of your passage. If possible at either the end or the beginning of the paragraph. If for example, your sub main keyword or main keyword is at the start of the paragraph, then place your long tail keyword at the end.

    What's a long tail keyword you ask? Well, in reference to the above example with "SEO Singapore" being the Main Keyword, "Singapore SEO Consultant" being the Sub Main Keyword, then an example of a long tail keyword would be "Optimizing your Singapore site for Search Engines" or "List of Singapore SEO Consultants".

  9. Links to Authority sites

  10. It is very important to include AT LEAST 2 links to authority sites in every passage of your site.

    Why? Well, by linking to an authority site, you've completed the first step in showing to Google that you're a trusted site and not just any spam sites.

    To know more of what are authority sites, read up Search Engine Optimization and Links. But in general, a Wikipedia search on your niche subject and linking to it would be good. For example, since my site is targetting SEO Singapore and the only available subjec on Wikipedia is SEO, hence including it as a link : Search Engine Optimization.

    Of course, this linking part is only the first of many steps needed to rank your site well in Search Engine Results Pages.

Use the checklist above and start to implement which you have not implemented. I will explain more on how to use the bold and strong tags and also, tips on how to write search engine optimized content with ease.

Till then,

Jasa, Singapore SEO Consultant


Anonymous said...

This is a good start for implementing Search engine optimization. However there is a LOT more that you can do to optimize not only the content that visitors see, but the coding on the website. Simple steps can make a huge difference in your SEO campaign. Visit my site for more details. Thanks for the post!

Jasa said...

Thank you for visiting mate. Anyway, yes I very much agree with you regarding the coding making a huge diference and I will touch on that, but I consider that aspect to be for intermediate and advance SEOs so itll be touched on later.

And this post is specifically targetting the content on the page and how to optimize it :)


ronyseo said...

Some good points but it leaves out the links that are a proxy for human popularity. I note in your home blog that you do go through links but I'd be interested in how they can be best used where you are marketing multiple affiliate products.
Ron http://www.criticalmass.biz

Jasa said...

Thanx for commenting. However, I dont really get your question so Im quite unable to comment or answer it. If you might wanna clarify?


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