Thursday, January 10, 2008

How To Write Search Engine Optimized Content

Contrary to popular belief, it is infact not that difficult to write content and get it to be optimized for search engines as well. In fact, it will only take but a couple of steps. Here's how to write SEO optimized content :

  1. Write your content as per normal, making it readable for readers/visitors

  2. Get your long tail keyword ready

  3. Substitute relevant keywords at certain points for your long tail keyword

  4. Use the SEO Checklist and if you have not done all of it yet, go back to step one

Four main steps should'nt be too difficult, right? Doesnt really matter if it is :p You still HAVE to do it. Anyway, I'll now get into details about how to go about each step.

Step 1 :

No one can stress enough the importance of making your content readable for your readers. Not only does it have to be readable, it has to be easy to understand for your target audience as well.

So all makes sense in this first step that you write your content as per normal, sales pitch or not, proffesional tone or otherwise, or just a piece of information. Make sure when YOU, or your close buds read it, they get the desired effect that you want out of it.

I wouldnt be teaching copywriting techniques and stuff but in general, remember this first step is :

Write your content how you want it to affect your readers, visitors.

Step 2 :

You should already have figured out what your Main, Sub Main, and Long Tail Keywords are.

If you have not, read this checklist for search engine optmization as it briefly explains what are each of those terms that I just mentioned.

But anyway, for those who already know, get your long tail keyword, or keywords ready in a separate text file.

I am assuming at this point that you have not done ANYTHING at all to your original content and that it should make PERFECT sense to readers/visitors.

Thus this step is :

Get your Long Tail Keyword or Keywords ready.

Step 3 :

In my checklist for Search engine optimized content, I have set up a list of advisable points in your content that there be a "keyword" be it your main keyword or otherwise.

Now subsitute in those places that have none of your keywords yet, your keywords. Make sure you tweak them so that it makes sense in that place. Try to use more of your long tail keywords (different variations of course) rather then your main keywords in your passage/content so that you can get ranked higher for those long tail keywords first.

Benefits of tweaking your keyword every time you use them :
  • Different Variations
  • More Believable to the Search Engines that your Content is Genuine
  • Higher Ranking for the Keyword that you're Targetting for
  • Ranked Higher for More Keywords as there are Variations
  • Most Important of all, It Makes Perfect Sense to Readers

That's basically the important step in these stages, which is to subsitute your keywords at relevant points, at the same time, using different variations so that they make sense at those points.

Step 4 :

This has to be the easiest step and I dont think I need even explain. Nevertheless, counter check your efforts with the SEO Checklist and make sure you've done all the 5 steps explained in that checklist.

It isnt difficult at all and you can get it done and over with in 5 minutes for an estimated 700 page passage.

And that is all there is to it! One thing I'd like to stress on, is to optimize your content for the Search Engines so that you'll get ranking for the keyword that you want. In the upcoming posts, I'll explain why its so important to optimize your content for the search engines.

Till then,

Jasa, Singapore SEO Consultant


Jaywalker said...

wow, this is a good post and for someone who is technically challenge like me, its a great help.

anyway, thanks for the zoom, added you as a friend as well at BZ.

Pedestrian Observer

Jasa said...

Thanx for visiting! Anyway, yes it is meant to be very easy to understand and broken down to layman terms.

Glad it helped :D


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