Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Search Engine Optimized Content

Optimizing your content for the Search Engines is what people call on page optimization. I'll get to the off page optimization on another post. But nevertheless, here's what optimizing your content for search engines is all about.

Optimized Search Engine Content

Search Engines love content. They love it more when content is updated and fresh. Why? Because content helps them to deliver to their users what their users need. Though Google is currently ahead in technology because it is beginning to be able to understand content, some people around the world might not be as smart as the Googlebot (hey, you never know!) and would not understand parts of a certain article.

Some other search engines might even have trouble understanding a passage and would have to rely on keyword density (the number of times a certain word appears in a passage over the total number of words of that passage) to index that page in their search engine accordingly.

Nevertheless, it is very important to optimize your content before submitting it to search engines or having them crawl and index it the way you want it. Why? Because that's what SEO is all about! You'd want these spiders or bots, to crawl and index your page the way you want it. To index your page for a certain keyword that you want. So that your whole site benefits by appearing in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for the keyword or keywords that you're targetting.

However at the same time, you must not forget your visitors or readers! Some people optimize their content to the extent that it does not make sense for humans. Others, optimize their content for their readers and visitors but make it hard for the Search Engine crawlers to understand them.

Summary , Benefits of Optimizing your Content for Search Engines

  • Higher ranking in the SERPs
  • Better readability for both humans and search engine crawlers
  • It is very important to not over optimize your site
  • Gain a optimizing balance of your content where its both good for readers as well as search engine crawlers

Therefore, it is very important that a passage is balancely optimize for the readers and visitors, AS WELL AS the Search Engine crawlers.

I can see some question marks starting to appear on top of your heads. How do you determine if a passage is well optimized for readers as well as for Search Engine Crawlers?

That my friends, would go to another post on Search Engine Optimization. ;)

Till then,

Jasa, Singapore SEO Consultant


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