Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week 1 Update

I will be writing weekly updates on the progress of this blog. If you still have not known yet, I am trying to prove that it is indeed possible to rank high for a search term using only free tools and of course, some efforts on your part.

Aim : To get #1 spot for the terms "SEO Singapore", "Singapore SEO" and "Singapore SEO Consultant".

When I started this blog, I have no clue at all regarding the competition I'd face as my keyword researching proved to be futile due to Singapore being a very small populated country, there isnt enough keyword searches to aid in my optimizing my content for the keywords that I want.

Therefore, I typed in the terms "SEO Singapore" and started looking through each of my competitors' sites, viewing their source code and tried to figure out what my long tail keywords that I can use.

My short term aim was to get this blog indexed as quickly as possible so that I can focus on link building and optimizing my content after that. Well, I did achieve that.

Search Engine Indexing Progress

As of now, my 7 articles on Search Engine Optimization, SEO and SEO Singapore have been fully indexed on Google and I can focus on the other parts of Search Engine Optimization now.

It wasnt without help that I got my articles indexed relatively quickly with respect to the creation date of this blog. (Which was early in 2008 by the way)

I got a boost from the following sites : Digg , StumbleUpon and BloggingZoom. These sites gave me the link authority needed to boost my pages up the SERPs for the keywords that I was aiming for.

Search Engine Results Pages Progress

These are the rankings I am currently at for the following terms :

All the rankings here are based off the rankings from Google. Surprisingly, SEO Singapore and Singapore SEO gave off 2 very differing results. Looks like I still got some work to do :)

At this point of time, the only links back to this site are from Digg, StumbleUpon and BloggingZoom. So in a way, I have not really started on my link building campaign yet. Hope everything goes well in the next few weeks.

PS : If any of you would like to help, then you can help with a link back to this blog using one of the terms above. Drop me a note and I'm sure to love you :D

Till then,

Jasa, Singapore SEO Consultant


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